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Off-Road Ready Dodge Challenger SRT8

Who Wants An Off-Road Challenger? More Imporantly, Who Wouldn’t?!

This unique 2014 SRT Dodge Challenger is definitely different! Apparently; this guy didn’t get what he wanted for Christmas. The SRT8 Dodge Challenger was intended to be a high-performance 2-wheel drive vehicle. The original automobile prior to the modifications looked similar to this: Off-Road Challenger SRT8 1

SRT stands for Street Racing Technology and indicates the presence of enhanced performance features that were not incorporated on the base models. The SRT8 package included a high-performance 8 cylinder engine, an upgraded trim package, and enhanced suspension components to increase the performance level.

This SRT8 Dodge challenger still incorporates most of those features; but the suspension modifications and all-terrain tires probably have a negative effect on the handling capabilities. Here are some examples of the same concept that has been accomplished in the past:

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