OJ’s Ford Bronco: Starting at $750,000

The Juice’s Bronco is On Sale Ahead of OJ’s Release

Updated August 6, 2017

It would seem as though the saga never ends with OJ Simpson. In the latest news surrounding the famed ex-footballer, we learned that OJ had been granted parole, and would soon be free of his incarceration. Of course, this means that his infamous 1993 Ford Bronco resurfaced out of the blue in a surprise bid that practically nobody saw coming.

An iconic symbol of the fall of “The Juice”, the Bronco was acquired by its current owner in 1995 for the not-insignificant price of $75,000. Apparently, the owner of the Bronco believes the vehicle has now appreciated to ten times that value because that’s precisely what he’s asking for it.

This 24-year-old Ford became one of the most well-known Fords in the world when a staggering 95 million people watched OJ cruise it down the highway in a two-hour long low-speed police pursuit. He was wanted for his connection with the murder of his ex-wife Nicole Brown and her friend Ron Goldman. 

Mike Gilbert is OJ’s former sports agent, and hasn’t given up on making money off The Juice just yet. The Bronco is currently kept at the Alcatraz East Crime Museum in Tennessee. Gilbert has been offered as much as $300,000, but hopes to get up to $1 Million for it. If he doesn’t get the amount he wants, Gilbert says the Bronco will be passed down to his children as the biggest icon of the “Trial of the Century”.

When OJ gets out in October, we wonder if he may want to try and retrieve his old Bronco, much like he tried to retrieve his sports memorabilia. The infamous stunt he pulled in Las Vegas landed him in jail back in 2008, and is what has kept him behind bars until now. However, Mike Gilbert has made it very clear that he does not have any desire to sell it back to OJ at any point in time. As to the number of buyers jumping at the chance to own this gem, no one can speculate at this time.


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