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One-Armed Motorcycle Racer Helps Other Injured Riders Get Back In The Saddle!

Chris Ganley: A One-Armed Motorcycle Racer With An Uplifting Tale To Tell

There’s a one-armed motorcycle racer in the UK who is working tirelessly to help fellow amputee riders get back on two wheels. His name is Chris Ganley and he’s going to be the star of an episode of the BBC’s Amazing Humans television series that focuses on incredible human stories. This isn’t the first time that we’ve heard of a determined rider getting back on two-wheels against all odds, but it is the first time that we’ve seen a major television outlet put a handicapped rider in the spotlight. Over the past few years, we’ve received a fair few emails from riders with disabilities, or those who have lost limbs in accidents, and with so many people desperate to get back in the saddle, it’s nice to see a encouraging success story being reported and documented by a mainstream media company. This is Chris Ganley, and this is his story.

Don’t Let Your Disability Keep You From Your Dreams

Chris Ganley 3

Chris Ganley, a former soldier, was involved in a devastating motorcycle accident back in 2014, which resulted in him losing his arm, breaking his back in three places, breaking numerous ribs, puncturing a lung, and being put into an induced coma. When he finally awoke and was able to come to terms with the scale of his injuries, he wished he’d never woken up. Fortunately, Chris didn’t give up on himself. Six months later, Chris decided to get back on a motorcycle. Rather than selling off his old bikes, he acquired more. In fact, the very machines that nearly claimed his life have saved his life too.

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Realizing that his two-wheeled dreams were far from over, Chris got to work adapting his motorcycle to suit his new riding style. Fast forward a few years, and Chris now races in the UK’s Thundersport GB racing series, where he managed to secure an impressive fourth place finish in his debut season. But if that wasn’t enough, Chris has even more ambitious plans: to race in the Isle of Man TT by 2023.

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When he’s not on track, Chris spends his time encouraging people in similar situations to get back on two wheels, inspiring them to overcome their injuries to get back in the saddle, and modifying motorcycles to allow them to continue pursuing their dreams too. Take a look at the clip of the upcoming episode for more information.

Chris is just one of many riders who have overcome seemingly insurmountable odds to get back into motorcycle riding. After a life changing injury it can be difficult to imagine getting back on a motorcycle. However, with a positive attitude, support from those around you, and a reshuffle of a motorcycle’s controls, a life back on a bike isn’t out of reach for many injured riders. So pass the message on – it might give someone the positivity needed to turn their life around. You never know.



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