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Mercury Sable Convertible Concept

One-Off 1989 Mercury Sable Convertible Concept For Sale

Only One Sable Convertible was Ever Produced and Now It’s For Sale

Published November 10, 2017

A Mercury Sable Convertible seems unnecessary and unlikely, but there was actually one made. Exactly one to be precise, and it is now for sale. As it seems, this lone example was produced back in 1989 for one reason only: Ford needed a handsome and powerful car to present at the SAE International Congress and Expo. It’s a curious car, and even more curious, it was actually registered, assigned plates, and driven around.

Mercury Sable Convertible Concept

The story about it starts all the way back in 1988, when Cars & Concepts, in Brighton, Michigan, partnered with Ford in order to fabricate pieces needed for the car and assist with the assembly of the machine.

Mercury Sable Convertible Concept Profile

Since a Sable Convertible Concept hadn’t been envisioned at the time Mercury and Ford’s engineers worked on Sable/Taurus architecture, mechanics and technicians at Cars & Concepts and Mercury had to work with what they had.

Mercury Sable Convertible Concept Rear 3/4

In that regard, the Sable Convertible Concept took the architecture from the sedan model but inherited the rear suspension and some parts of the rear end of the wagon variant. The wagon’s rear end and suspension were a bit beefier compared with the rear end of the sedan. The Sable Convertible Concept needed the added heft to accommodate additional supporting beams usually associated with the convertibles. It was, obviously, a heavier car compared to the sedan.

Mercury Sable Convertible Concept Newspaper

After figuring out the architecture, Mercury went a step further and ordered new doors – longer than before. After all, the Sable Convertible Sedan had to be a proper two-door stunner, and that it was. As a final touch, it gained a hard tonneau cover which can be fully stored at the back.

Sable Convertible For Sale With Only 9,800 Miles on the Clock

Today, the car reached the selling block. It appeared in a Craigslist listing in Austin, Texas. Unfortunately, we cannot find many details about it. Apparently, it was stored for many years, and it covered only 9,800 miles. That mileage is seriously low, even compared to incredibly well maintained low-mileage machines such as that Pontiac Fiero or Trans Am.

Mercury Sable Convertible Concept Profile

Nevertheless, with a price of only $15,900, this is definitely a unique chance to own a piece of American automobilia only a handful would know about. Just FYI, the FWD machine is powered by a six-cylinder engine developing 140 hp. Sad, I know, but these were the 80s after all.

Mercury Sable Convertible Concept Rear Mercury Sable Convertible Concept Paperwork Mercury Sable Convertible Concept Front Mercury Sable Convertible Concept Rear in Shop


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