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Opening Up With The 2013 LA Auto Show.

Updated November 21, 2013

 It’s that time again people. The Los Angeles Auto Show is kicking off as we speak, and the press is eating up every minute of it. The buzz about the show has been the promise of concepts, and new arrivals from car manufacturers all over the world. So, what we’re going to do is sprinkle you with a few goodies of what will be on display this week, up until the end of the show on December 1.


Nissan-Sentra_Nismo_Concept_2013 Now first up we have a revised little gem of a car from Nissan that pretty much has been doing pretty OK, as far as sales are concerned, but like it’s other siblings, it too has been bitten by the NISMO bug. The 2013 Nissan Sentra NISMO concept had been brought to the LA Auto Show for a simple debut, and as it stands, it’s making a really good splash for itself. Designers over at NISMO had been dying to desperately get their hands on a Sentra for quite some time now, especially with the word that a NISMO version of the 370Z, and GTR were in the works for the longest time. There seemed to be a need for a small “Tuner” style car to be thrown back into the mix. With other companies like Toyota, with their slightly upgraded Corolla, and Ford, with their very popular Focus ST, Nissan needed to jump into this lake with both feet kicking. The NISMO Sentra would be based off of the current Sentra platform, and would have some really sexy lines, and styling cues about it. Subtle, but very noticeable Red accents flow from front to back, tempting onlookers to ask about what’s under the hood. Nissan packed in a throaty sounding, 245Hp, 240 foot pounds of torque, turbo charged 1.8L four cylinder engine under the hood. Forward motivation comes in the form of a solid 6 speed manual gearbox. It sounds like Nissan is channeling their inner Hoonigan on this one.

 Now we go from the quick, and nimble Sentra to an over expensive heavy hitter. For Land Rover Brand Loyalists Received First Preview of Exclusive New Range Rover LWB Autobiography Black Edition at Private Beverly Hills Estate2014, the execs over at Range Rover decided that less is good, but more is better, and on that note they stretched their newly redesigned Range Rover. There aren’t too many other vehicles of this size at the LA Auto Show that can look like a posh Fat Actress with some good looking shoes on. Pun intended. So apparently there have been some little birdies chirping in the ears of the RR execs, and some way, some how they were convinced to make a longer version of their Rover. I guess the already uber posh, ultra decadent 2013 Range rover wasn’t good enough, so they not only stretched the body, but they stretched the price tag too. If you thought the original $90,000 price was enough to make you stop in your tracks, then $199,000 dollars will surely have you doing the Fred Sanford dance.

Youabian-Puma-3[2] Our third tidbit for the day is a weirdo of a car to say the least. A man by the name of Dr. K. Youabian felt the need to make a car that would stand out, and be utterly unique in its ways. Well, when you see the pic of this monster, you may very well tend to agree with the great Doctor. For what we know of this car is that it’s well over 20 feet long, and sits on 41” tall off-road tires, and has a powerful 500+Hp V8 motor sitting somewhere under that oddly shaped hood. This ride has been dubbed the Puma, and you can find it in the Exhibition Hall, tucked away into a corner, all by it’s lonesome self.

 So, that’s it for now folks. Stay tuned for more updates from your Gearheads channel, and remember to LIKE us on FB, and follow us on Twitter.    


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