Original Ford GT Prototype Is Up For Sale

Need Some New Wheels? The Original Ford GT Is Going Under The Hammer!

Updated October 1, 2018

Cars go up for sale every day, but the sale of the original Ford GT prototype by Shelby American isn’t the stuff of your local newspaper’s classifieds. This is a one-of-a-kind classic car, which is endearingly known as “Workhouse One,” and it spawned an entire generation of fast and powerful Ford GTs that evolves to this day.

Original Ford GT Auction 1

This Ford GT prototype was the first model produced of 4,033 first-generation GTs. Dubbed Workhouse One by the fabrication crew, it was completed in late 2002 and served as a basis for the the 2005-2006 Ford GT model. Although this prototype looks ultra-sleek on its exterior, what you find inside might surprise you.

Original Ford GT Auction 2

The Workhouse One prototype is about as skeletal as it can get, reminding those lucky enough to peek inside what it’s original purpose was – to race. With lots of bare metal and a few pre-production parts, this prototype wasn’t ever meant for the casual road driving. It had a purpose. It was designed for testing and to help make Ford GTs what they were when first produced and on up to the upcoming 2017 Ford GT.

Original Ford GT Auction 3

Some of the interesting things you will find on this Ford GT prototype, however, are the names of every production team member featured on the inner door sill and a small roof bubble that was an idea discarded before production. Since Workhorse One was mainly put together to work on suspension issues, its 32-valve 4.6-L V8 isn’t as grand as the 5.4-L supercharged V8 in production models. This prototype, however, is far more valuable and is one of only 14 cars for sale in Shelby’s Enthusiast Collection.


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