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Panda to Peri, “Brother?”

In 2018 China Car Times was acquired by Autowise. This article originally appeared on

âGreat Wall denies copying Fiatâ is the headline over at the China Daily news website. We thought it was a bit wierd, The Great Wall copying Fiat. Then we remembered the Chinese Car company, Great Wall. It seems Fiat is a bit irked that the Great Wall looks pretty much identical in every single way to the latest generation Fiat Panda. A spokesmen for Great Wall said ââWe never copy car designs from other automakers. It took two years for our own design team to develop the Periâ what the other half of the sentence probably should say is âby copying images we found of the internet, and because my friends cousin, Li Ming, rented a Panda when he was on a guided tour of Rome last summer, he took all the measurements for us!â The China Daily news article ends with the sentence âThe company is one of the few Chinese automakers that develops and produces its own models rather than manufacturing foreign brands under licenseâ

This is the reason why I never buy the China Daily anymore, even if it is the only domestic English language newspaper available in China.



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