Patrick Dempsey’s Passion for Porsche Defined at Eight Years Old

Updated September 21, 2015

If you know about the popular Grey’s Anatomy co-star Patrick Dempsey, then you may or may not know about the one true passion he has, and that is for the thrill of racing, the love of all things automotive—and more specifically the passion for Porsche.


In an article on, Dempsey goes onto explain the moment he fell in love with Porsche and the automotive world. He describes the time where he visits a friends garage in Maine. In that garage his eyes gazed upon a poster. Not a poster of a model or Sports Illustrated Swimsuit, but the body of a 1979 Turbo.


The years following that experience, his fascination and borderline obsession nearly lead him to buying a Porsche 356, spending his entire paycheck on the vehicle. It was then that his thrill for racing began to take shape.

Now Dempsey races on a professional level, when he isn’t drawing in watchers on television. When he was asked about why he chooses Porsche to race with? His answer was quite simple; history, vehicle evolution, and because his first true love was that Porsche on that poster, tucked inside his friends garage in Maine. An image and a dream that stuck with him up to now.


In the detailed Q&A he did with Bloomberg, he then went into explaining why he enjoys racing. One being it is a challenge that requires stamina, a lot of practice and dedication.  He says on the other hand there are those drivers who just have a knack for it, and innate skill that drives them.

Would the Formula 1 circuit ever become a hit in North America with NASCAR dominate the popular vote? That is a really difficult question to answer, but Dempsey was optimistic. He feels that with how successful the track in Austin does, there is a chance that Formula 1 popularity could slowly, but surely trickle up.


Decades have passed since Dempsey was first influenced by that post of the Porsche in Maine, and it has encouraged him to pursuit a passion which gives him genuine excitement. Racing in the Le Mans with Porsche might be a far-fetched dream for many—but Dempsey was able to turn that dream into a fascinating reality.

Source: Porsche of Towson



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