Paul Walker and Nissan: Simply Connected

The Paul Walker Nissan Partnership Was A Match Made In Heaven

Updated September 24, 2018

When news regarding Paul Walker’s death broke out in the social media, it broke not just the heart of his family but also that of his close friends. In fact, everybody who knows anything about cars and racing was shocked and could not believe it. Everyone wished it was only another hoax. Paul Walker, famously known as Brian O’Conner in the movie saga: “Fast and the Furious” died in a fatal accident while being at the passenger seat of a Porsche Carrera GT. Many people said it was due to the driver’s error. Some claimed the car had malfunctioned. For some, it was both. Either way, fans of the “Fast and the Furious” saga mourns the death of a great actor. The car-loving fans, especially Nissan fanatics will always and forever remember Paul Walker as a true car enthusiast, in real life. And just like Brian O’ Conner in the movies, Mr. Walker is a true Nissan boy to the point that most of his cars in the movies are Nissan, specifically Skyline GT-Rs.


Love of GT


Paul Walker NissanDespite Paul Walker owning a Porsche racing team and a couple of Porsche cars, he has always been a JDM lover, a true fan of Godzilla to be exact. In fact, there was a video once circulating in YouTube showing him test driving a Mine’s GT-R R35 and the GT-R Spec V and he couldn’t even hide his love for the car. He was all smiles while sharing his thoughts on the cars. Paul Walker was true to himself as a car freak. And like his character, Paul knew everything about cars, from parts, to upgrades and even what car to buy. More than that, he was a real down-to-Earth person; someone who was willing to help in any way he could without getting that much attention.


The Fast and Furious Legacy


In all 5 FNF movies he starred in, he drove a Skyline GT-R in 4 of them: 2 R34s, 2 R35s and a KPGC10. And, it doesn’t end there just yet. In the blu-ray version of Fast 6, a scene showed Han’s funeral and a black R32 was spotted. Whose R32 was that? No need to ask questions. We all knew who owned that R32. If there is something that caught everyone’s attention in the scene that would be Brian’s promise to Roman Pierce (Tyrese Gibson) that there would be one more funeral after Han’s. Scary. Definitely scary and touching. Considering the fact that it was just a few days before Paul’s death when the video of the scene was first released in the social media.


We can never question that there is an invisible connection between Paul Walker and Nissan, specially the Skyline GT-R. It’s like the love story between Dominic Toretto and his Dodge Charger. Paul Walker showed us how to be a true Nissan lover; a true car enthusiast. Not everyone can drive like Brian O’ Conner but everyone can be like Paul Walker, a true car freak and, a real person inside and out.


Source: Sheridan Nissan of DE



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