Paul Walker’s Supra Nets $185K at Auction

Paul Walker’s Supra Just Went Under The Hammer And Sold For Whopping (But Deserved) $185k!

Updated October 6, 2018

I’ll take two please…

The 1993 Toyota Supra from The Fast and The Furious recently went through the block at Mecum Auctions. It’s a thing of beauty, a true work of art that deserves to be brought back into the limelight again.

Paul Walker's Supra 1 Paul Walker's Supra 2  Paul Walker's Supra 3

The Toyota Supra Mark IV isn’t a replica; it’s an actual stunt car from the film that was driven by the late Paul Walker. The car has some pretty severe modifications, none of which are to the stock 3 liter, 220 horsepower engine and 5-speed gearbox. Mecum Auctions describes the car, built by Eddie Paul of the Shark Shop in El Segundo, California:

The car is equipped with a 2JZ-GE 3.0L/220 HP inline-6 engine and 5 It has been expertly reinforced to withstand the rigors of stunt work, including heavy-duty suspension, a full roll cage, competition seats and a Jaz Products fuel cell. The Fast and The Furious fans will recognize the car’s Bomex body kit and APR wing, Dazz alloy wheels with Yokohama rubber and wild graphics by Modern Image of San Diego, California.-speed manual transmission, with power augmented by twin Holley Performance nitrous oxide bottles mounted in the rear compartment (not attached).”

Despite being 22 years old and out of the spotlight for the past 12 years, the souped up Supra recently won accolades as the Detroit AutoRama March 2015 1st Place Class Winner.

It doesn’t really matter what the reasoning is in the purchase price as the car is definitely nostalgia from one of the most popular movie series ever. Attaching Paul Walker’s name to it may have drawn more attention to the auction but the car can hold its own.

I would love to see a throwback to all the popular cars from the first seven Fast and Furious movies in the eighth installment that has been confirmed by Vin Diesel recently. Maybe the purple Spyder from the second movie?

Paul Walker's Supra 4 Paul Walker's Supra 5



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