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Readers Rides – Paul’s 880hp Blown Fifty Sickx

 Here at Gearheads we continually go through readers rides and although we love to see everyone’s pride and joy we sometimes are taken back by just how creative and how much painstaking detail is taken in order to accomplish a “show stopper”. Today we are talking with Paul who sent us pictures of his blown fifty six Ford and it was simply impossible to pass up a chance to find out more info. So we got in touch with Paul and here is the interview that took place.
Paul 56 F100

Gearheads – So Paul, give us a little background about yourself as a “Gearhead”, how did you manage to produce this level of vehicle?

Paul – I am a retired General Motors employee with 35 years of service and experience working for “The General.”   Over the years the jobs ranged from assembly plants in Framingham, Ma. and Tarrytown, New York to a Parts Distribution Center in Jacksonville, Fl. where I am now living.  I think my years in the auto industry from painting to parts gave me a keen eye for “fit and finish.”  Styles and trends have changed over the years but the one thing that stays constant is the “attention to detail.”  That detail will always produce a stop in your tracks, drop dead gorgeous ride.


Gearheads – What is the history of this truck and was the state of condition it was in before you started?

Paul – I have had this truck for 30 years.  When I first brought my “new truck” home it was an old, worn out, ‘tow pig” for a former 1/4 mile drag car.  It had wooden 2×4’s for running boards and the floor pan was all rotted out. I took my 5 year old son for our first ride together and he said….”Daddy, I can see the road down there,”  So naturally I told him…”Isn’t this cool…we have a truck just like the Flintstones.”   Today we still laugh about that first ride we took together,  Great memories!

Gearheads – What are some of the specifications you can give us? Engine size, tranny, diff, suspension, etc. Have an idea on the power it is producing
Paul – My “Blown Fifty Sickx”  Has a Merlin 540  with two 750 Hollys that are concealed under a one off custom carburetor surround.  I can run premium pump gas through the 671 polished Weiand blower.  I run the boost at 8 pounds on the street and it produces 880 HP.         Front suspension: Mustang II based,Fatman Fabrications stainless steel tubular control arms, standard spindles, 79-93 Mustang power rack and pinion (Napa 22-248), M II outer tie rods.    Ball joints: Moog K772      Front Brakes: Wilwood 13″ x 4 1/2 with drilled rotors and polished calipers.    Front springs: SKW1000SA Air Ride Tech.     Engine mounts: One off custom fabricated.     Rear end: New Alston Fab 9 Ford big bearing that has been narrowed.    Rear suspension: Stainless 4-link w/z-bar      Rear shocks: SKW7001 Air Ride Tech     Rear brakes: Wilwood 1/2″ rear disc with drilled rotors and polished calipers.
Gearheads – We can see that this is a show stopper, what history do you have with Car Shows and what advice can you give other Gearheads that have wanted to enter their vehicles in such an event?

Paul – This is my fourth build on the same truck.  This “FINAL” build has been a six year process to get to this point.  Over the years I have been to lots of car shows.  At first it was all about the awards and wondering how I will match up to the competition.  As the years and different builds went buy the styles and trends have changed dramatically. The one thing that hasn’t changed is the passion for all things automotive.   The one little piece of advice for any of the new or young guys and gals I would give is this.  It’s not all about the awards and trophies.  Recognition will come when it is due.  It doesn’t matter what you bring to the show because you can have as much fun driving a half finished “beater,”  a “rat rod,”  or a “trailer queen.”   When it rains at a car show we All get rained on so it doesn’t matter what you drive.  It is all about the friendships and memories that you make along the way.  Those memories and friendships will last forever.  There is nothing like the feeling and pride you get in telling a fellow rodder all about your ride

Gearheads – What all awards have you taken with this 56?
Paul – The build was almost completed in April 2014.  Goodguys All American Show in Kissimmee, Fl.   Builders Choice Award  “Bad To The Bone.”    F100 Supernationals Pigeon Forge Tn.   F100 Truck Of The Year    Two local Fl. shows Best Of Show Awards’
Gearheads – How did you pull off the look of the bed?
Paul – The bed is 1/8″ rolled steel.  The bare steel is etched with a grinding wheel to give it the wood grain look.  Then thoroughly cleaned and degreased  before the candy orange base coat is applied. Then the coats of clear.  Wet sand and polished and buffed.  The Main Body Color is a custom blend I have named “Rolex Blue Pearl.”    The Custom  Air Brushing on the front wall is on a piece of Lexan painted Rolex Blue Pearl with the “Highway Rt 66 outline.  BLOWN 56   Live  Fast       The Tail Gate is also a piece of Lexan insert  w/custom hidden LED tail lights.
Gearheads – What do you have planned for this truck and other projects in the future?
Paul – I am planning a photo shoot for a national magazine.
Gearheads – Is there anything else you wish to state for our readers and any shout outs that you would like to make?
Paul – Special thanks to Paul Holman  Curtis Ford and the entire crew at Visual FX Custom Paint and Body for making my dreams becoming a reality.
This sums up everything we love about customs, it is pure Americana   as it is almost a family member.  A rolling art form that continually displays one’s love and talent for the customs. What was once a rolling tetanus inducing rust bucket void of solid floor pans is an almost 900hp beast that can spin start a planet. Major kudos to Paul for sharing his truck, story and time with us.

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