Paying Your Fine In All Pennies Should Piss The Court Clerk Off (Video)

Updated June 14, 2017

Tickets suck. They are expensive, annoying, and inconvenient regardless of the offense. The court always gives the ticket holder a choice of contesting or paying. Contesting a ticket can be tricky; it’s always the officer’s word versus the accused. Really, the only hope someone has in the courtroom is if the officer doesn’t show up. So what is an upset citizen to do when they feel wronged by the police and court system? Well Brett Sanders in Frisco, Texas decided the best way to get back at the man was to pay his ticket…in pennies.

On October, 17 2015, Mr. Sanders was stopped and ticketed for doing 39 mph in a 30 mph zone. He must have believed he was not speeding because he decided to contest it in court. Unfortunately, the court disagreed with him and sided with to officer instead, forcing a fine of $212 along with a $10.60 processing fee totaling $222.60 to be paid. Feeling wronged and ripped off; he made the decision to make a statement when he paid. Lucky for all of us with smaller cajones, he recorded his adventure so we could live vicariously through him.

Walking in with two buckets of pennies labeled “extortion money” and “policing for profit”, he dumps 22,000 pennies onto the tiny payment ledge of the court clerk. With pennies pouring over the ledge and onto the floor Brett walks out while telling the clerk “mail me the receipt”. A quick glance at his Patreon page says he “create(s) liberty oriented videos on Youtube” and I would agree that this video is definitely “liberty oriented”.

I’m sure most people who have received a speeding ticket dream of doing this. However, I can’t help but feel bad for the ladies who had to count out the payment. His video may have got a lot of attention for his “cause”, but I doubt it changes anything in the system he clearly doesn’t like. Personally I think all he accomplishes is ruining someone’s day who just happened to be there trying to do their job. Love it or hate it, it’s definitely an entertaining video, but I still feel sorry for those poor clerks who had to deal with it.


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