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Peoples Liberation Airforce ??

In 2018 China Car Times was acquired by Autowise. This article originally appeared on

Well, not quite the Peoples Liberation Air Force, those guys are nearly half a million strong and have 2500 planes, this guy (left) has a converted motorbike that just happens to look like a MiG fighter. We found these images on a Chinese website, and we thought everyone in the none Chinese speaking world would appreciate the crazyness! Click continue reading to see more:

This is the owner, Mr. Yu. His plane is full of messages some of them are useful the big white one towards the bottom says Nowadays people love quickly, get married quickly, and divorce quickly a thought provoking message. Mr. Yu broke his arm in a bicycle crash, and now he has to salute like a general all the time.

The plane is actually a motorbike with a metal shell over it! The owner, Mr. Yu, has been riding around China for a few years spreading messages pro government of course, as well useful messages such as Dont do drugs, kids!
He even lives inside his plane, look he has a TV and DVD, plus it looks like his place is cleaner (and possibly nicer) than mine!

That looks like a younger Mr. Yu in the picture with the red background:

Mr. Yus travels around Chian so far:

Mr. Yu showing his extensive press coverage from his travels around China:

Mr. Yus cockpit

Mr. Yus message missile Everybody doing kind things is the only way harmony will last

And our favorite message on the tail of the plane Dont do drugs!

We hope Mr. Yu will continue to fly/drive around China for years to come preaching his good wisdom.



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