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Petrolhead Presents: What to Buy for the Car Enthusiast in your Life

Updated September 29, 2013

It might seem far too soon, however shops all across the world are already gearing up for Christmas with the market for gifts set to rocket over the next few months – and if you are faced with a struggle every year in trying to find something different rather than having to settle for the generic embarrassment of saying “Merry Christmas, I… um, got you them chocolates you like” you might be gearing yourself up to scour the high street and the internet to find that perfect, unique gift that will see their eyes light up, whether it is on December 25th or their Birthday (meaning double the trouble and double the buying if they were inconsiderate enough to be born in the winter!)

All this talk of ‘gearing up’ certainly applies if you have a petrolhead in your life – they’ve already got their car, the accessories for it and Dave with its endless repeats has already done away with the idea of buying them a Top Gear DVD. What to buy now? Rest assured and don’t let the pressure give you a headache like an endlessly revving engine, because below are just a few ideas to get you inspired and have them thanking you over and over.

Win the Race for Tickets and Win their Heart

When they’re not out in their car or flicking through the pages of What Car? magazine, are they glued to the television screen watching the biggest and latest car races? Well wouldn’t it be incredible to take them to see the real thing? There are so many races going on at any given moment it won’t be hard to find one to take them to, however for the most memorable gift they will ever receive – book tickets to the greatest racing show on Earth: The Grand Prix!

The 2012 season may be coming to its close, however its already high time to start booking up for 2013, so get your racing helmet on and head straight for those tickets, because what could be better than telling the F1 enthusiast in your life that next year they will be witnessing all of the action right there at Silverstone – or if you’re feeling really generous, at one of the other races around the world. Abu Dhabi? Monaco? Valencia? Take your pick!

Put them in the Driver’s Seat

But what if they’re more interested in taking part rather than sitting on the side-lines and watching the cars fly by lap after lap? Well with one of the many driving experience days available across the country, you can put them in the driver’s seat, test their skills and give them a memory to savour for the rest of their life.

They might own quite a special car, but it’s highly unlikely that a Lamborghini Murciélago, Ferrari 360 or Aston Martin DB9 is sitting there on the driveway (if it is, I ENVY YOU!) So book them in with a driving experience and let them feel for themselves why these cars are the most revered vehicles in the whole wide world. The experiences usually resigned to the Xbox and PlayStation can come to life in any number of ways, with rally racing or straight-out track racing all being catered for – and if you get searching, you can find a very good deal indeed!

Rev your Engine’s… and Sip your Coffee

If you’ve already exhausted the ideas above you might think that your tank is running on empty… But there is one thing – one thing that can turn things all around and make you the most inventive, most creative and just downright incredible present-buyer that there has ever been.

Coming from the geniuses at V12 Designs is the V12 Coffee Table! Ring a bell? That’s because you will have seen something very similar nestled between Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May on Top Gear. Words can never do it justice, but this is the absolute ultimate in petrolhead present buying.

It doesn’t even end there either, as the V12 Wine Rack has now been released – stepping it up another notch, you can now please their penchant for wine as well as all things pistons, tyres and high speed.

I don’t think it can really get much better than that, but to set you up for next year, there are even some Brake Disc Coasters complete with a Calliper Holder to go with the new V12 Coffee Table… All in all, happy shopping and happy driving!

Written by Richard Paul on behalf of The Leden Group, giving you the perfect present in the form of car leasing and contact hire across many different models.



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