Photoblog: BaoJun 630

Published November 24, 2010

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The first BaoJun 630 came down the production line yesterday and it seems to be a good looking car. The interior is certainly from GMs parts bin, but the exterior is very similar to SAICs Roewe 350 and has some Roewe 550 looks in there also, the whole car looks exceptionally well for a vehicle that is going to be around 50,000rmb to 70,000rmb when fully launched. Power comes from a 1.5L engine from the Roewe 350. The BaoJun is a marvel of modern globalization with it taking bits and pieces from the USA, UK, China and Korea. The platform was designed in Korea, whilst the body design was done in China with GMs help, the brand was developed in China and also the engine was developed by SAIC in the UK technical center. It seems a car brand is no longer restrained by its national boundaries, and the BaoJun 630 is out to prove that. Another interesting boundary that this BaoJun is pushing is the overlap into the pricing segment that was traditionally controlled by the Chinese self developed brands, how this will play out is anyones guess at this stage!

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