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Pickup owners more likely to vote republican

Pickup Truck Drivers are More Likely to Have Voted for Trump

Data proves that pickup truck drivers were more likely to vote Republican in the 2016 election

Pickup owners more likely to vote republican

As a former statistician for a large corporation, I have worked years in business analytics and I can vouch that there are many truths in stereotypes.  One of those suggested stereotypes that has some truth is the suggestion that pickup truck owners are more likely to be Trump voters.  It would only make sense that auto makers take advantage of this proven data and appeal to their existing customers, as well as other potential consumers.

By analyzing data in purchasing patterns and ownership information, companies are able to reveal amazing insights that can help them increase sales if taken advantage of properly.  According to, Stanford University conducted a study that consisted of a unique algorithm that calculated data from a database of 200 cars in different cities within the United States.  The researchers then extracted vehicle information from Google Street View images and cross-referenced all of their information with data from registered voters.  The results weren’t all that surprising.

Pickup drivers more likely to vote for Trump

The results were published by the data scientists in the (PNAS) Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, which is a journal consisting of various scientific publications.  The results showed that neighborhoods where sedans are more prevalent, voters were more likely to vote Democrat than Republican (88 percent more likely, to be exact).  However, the neighborhoods analyzed that consisted of more pickup trucks, were 82 percent more likely to vote Republican than Democrat.

Sedan Drivers more likely to vote for democrats

This publication will likely benefit more than just auto makers.  We’re not exactly sure how auto manufacturers might use this data to target existing and potential customers, but they would be ignorant not to attempt to use these insights in future marketing efforts.  For example, the companies could extract 2016 voter information and future election data results to adjust their inventories appropriately.  In counties that have voted primary Republican, they could increase their pickup truck inventories appropriately.  They could also use this data to plan future productions.  If voting overall shifts from Republican to Democrat, they could limit their pickup truck production and increase sedan units in place of them.  They could even have Republican speakers come speak at sales promotion events.

While this may not be a big surprise to the majority of people, for researchers like us, it helps provide proof in stereotypes that we may be suspicious of.  These findings and this publication will most likely spark even more interest in data scientists and will encourage more similar reports to be sought after.

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