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Pimped out Chery QQ – Modify your Cherry QQ!

In 2018 China Car Times was acquired by Autowise. This article originally appeared on

Here at China Car Times Ive found myself rather bored of late, other than writing articles for China Car Times I dont seem to do much else ï¼Oh,thats right, I manage a company as well). Ive been thinking about buying an old Chinese Car for quite some time and restoring it or beefing it up a little. Ive looked at lots of cars both Chinese made and Russian made, for example Suzuki Alto, Beijing Jeep, Lada Niva etc (and a Fiat 126!) A while back I thought about taking a standard Chery QQ and adding a motorbike engine to it, sure it would go like Superman but it wouldnt have a reverse gear, and I bet getting the gearbox to work would be a bit of a problem.

When the Chery first came out (standard Chery QQ shown above), I remember saying to myself I wouldnt be seen dead driving that!! not that a dead person could drive a QQ, that is. Today I thought a little bit more about buying a second hand Chery QQ, they seem cheap enough on and then beefing it up a little. Take for example, the below picture:

You can see more images of this beefed up QQ here China Car Times is unclear as if to any engine modifications have been carried out to the standard engine (either a 0.8L or a 1.1L in standard QQs) China Car Times is still researching whether or not these QQs are really souped up under the hood or not, more news as China Car Times gets closer to loosing control of his wallet and blowing his hard earned moolah on essentially a womans car.



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