Police Cars That Make You Want To Get Pulled Over

Updated January 29, 2015

these days, cops aren’t always driving old, obsolete cars. If they are it could still be something sick like this 1985 Land Rover Police Car, shown below. It can be fun with we get to see them driving super cars such as the most recent models of Lamborghini or Aston Martin.

1985 Lander Rover Police Car In The UK

You have your typical Fords and what not, trying to step-up their game. These aren’t the cop cars we are speaking about. We mean the elite that look so sick you want to get pulled over or arrested just to take a ride in it.

Hummer H1 K9 Unit

First of those cars is released by Italian automaker and given to Italian State Police, and that is Gallardo LP560-4. It has gun racks and a video recording system. Another one is Jaguar XF, and it is made by Brits, for their Police, there are several different versions of this XF. They are specially equipped with 3.0-liter diesel engine that sends the vehicle from 0 to 60 mph in 5.9 seconds and gets an impressive 34.5 miles per gallon.

Jaguar XF Cop Car

Ford also gave their contribution to this new series of crazy police cars which we don’t have photos displayed of but you can google it. They introduced new Police Interceptor sedan and SUV. They’re certified for rear-end crashes at 75 mph, and the front doors come with ballistic panels to protect the occupants from gunfire. In the UK, police officers used their 1985 Land Rover Defender to chase criminals. All around the US, police officers got new cars. In Rehoboth, Massachusetts they get around town in a Hummer H1 and in Hopkinton, Rhode Island they have a Humvee.

Humvee Police Car

Dubai Police are definitely a notch, or few, above all others. The city’s police force has a Chevy Camaro SS, with a 6.2-liter V8 that produces 426 horsepower. They also have Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG worthy 200, 000 dollars, and does 0-6o mph in less than 4 seconds. Lamborghini Aventador, Ferrari FF with a top speed of 208 mph, and Bentley Continental GT in their stable of police cars.

Dubai Police Ferrari FF

Aston Martin One 77 Police Car

Chevy Camaro SS Dubai Police Car

Bentley Continental GT Dubai Police Car

Bugatti Veyron Cop Car in Dubai



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