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Fiat 126p for Tom Hanks

Polski Fiat 126p For Tom Hanks Is Happening and We Have Pictures To Show

Tom Hanks Tweeted “I got a new car” standing in front of the Fiat 126p

Updated July 19, 2017

Exactly nine months ago, Tom Hanks, famous Hollywood actor, tweeted that he “got a new car” while standing next to a rather quirky and rare Fiat 126p, better known as the Polski Fiat. This is a small and an old car produced in Poland. In essence, it was the Poland “Volkswagen Beetle or Fiat 500 moment”. It can be found all over Eastern Europe. After all, Tom Hanks found it in Budapest.

Fiat 126p for Tom Hanks

Now, after Tom Hanks tweeted about his “new car”, which was, of course, a sort of a parody, a Bielsk-Biala resident (car was produced there) wanted to make this reality. She started a crowdfunding campaign.

Monika Jaskolska saw the thing to the end.

Fiat 126p for Tom Hanks

As the car does not cost much, she did not need a whole lot of money to make things happen. What is more, such a noble cause easily attracted sponsors. In that regard, the Carlex Design (you definitely know a thing or two about them) was appointed to do the inside. A restorer helped with cleaning the thing up and touching up all the stuff that needed a touch-up. Fiat 126p for Tom Hanks was in the work.

Fiat 126p for Tom Hanks Crowdfunding Campaign Was A Total Success

Fiat 126p for Tom Hanks

In total, crowd funding raised $2,310 which was more than enough for Jaskolska to buy a Fiat 126p for Tom Hanks and restore it to fine condition. At least considering what we can see from the pictures.

Fiat 126p for Tom Hanks

The inside does look quite nice thanks to a Carlex Design work. However, do not expect here to see all the berth of the Carlex potential. In fact, Carlex designers wanted to stay as close to the original as possible. Thus the green leather surfaces with exposed stitching and fine black leather inserts on the sides. We are quite sure no other Fiat 126p has the interior like this.

Fiat 126p for Tom Hanks

Distinguishing Fiat 126p for Tom Hanks from any other 126p, Carlex even resorted to some special touches such as including new buttons on the inside inspired by the typewriter buttons. Tom Hanks is an avid typewriter collector – thus the reference. And then, to seal the deal, stitchings “Bielsko-Biala for Tom Hanks” garnished the back end of the front seats.

Fiat 126p for Tom Hanks

“It was a pleasure and an honor to be a part of the project for two very important reasons: the fact that it was a charity event, and that the ‘Maluch’ has always been a symbol of our city, our country, and our youth,” Damian Skotnicki, owner of Carlex Design, said. “Each Pole has a number of great memories connected to driving a Fiat 126p.”

Fiat 126p for Tom Hanks

As reported earlier, Hanks will be handed the keys at a special “Bielsko-Biala for Tom Hanks” charity event.

Hats down for Monika Jaskolska who managed to get Fiat 126p for Tom Hanks. A new car after all.

Fiat 126p for Tom Hanks


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