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Porsche 959 Sport to Sell for $2 Million

Throughout the history of the automobile, a small handful have gone on to become legendary vehicles, immune to the passage of time where their coolness is concerned. Trends come and go, and each decade brings with it a new batch of cars considered “classic”. So what is the difference between a nice classic car and a legendary piece of automotive history?

For starters, the design and technology used on the car had to have been bold and different for the time. Something new under the hood is always good. People remember the first car to use a turbocharger or intercooler; things people still utilize to this day. Same goes for bold styling. Just think of the DeLorean or Lamborghini Countach.

But on top of being bold, a legendary car must work. There have been plenty of cars that brought something cool to the table and ultimately didn’t make practical sense. New technology is fickle and costly, while bold looks tend to polarize the masses. So it is a delicate balance to get it right, and that means that most manufacturers don’t ever try to break the mold.

The Porsche 959, made from 1986 until 1993, is decidedly a legendary automobile. Originally produced as a homologation car for Group B rally, the 959 was once the fast production car in the world. Homologation is a process in which manufacturers produce road-legal versions of a race car in order to prove that it’s not just a bare-bones race car. The 959 Sport topped out at 197 miles per hour.

Unfortunately, only 29 units of the 959 were ever produced, and those rarely go up for sale. Luckily for the already lucky among us, those with a spare $2 million laying around can take a swing at owning one of these masterpieces. This particular car is going to be auctioned off in Paris, and is expected to sell for more than double the cost of Porsche’s most recent hypercar, the 918.

The price makes more sense when you consider that the 959 paved the way for the future of supercars. It utilized a twin-turbo flat-six engine feeding into an all-wheel drive system that could vector torque between all four wheels. The suspension was adjustable, and it could even sense air pressure in the tires… all in 1986!

Classic cars are more valuable every year, and legends like the 959 are gaining value quickly. Soon these cars will not be for sale anywhere and will only be seen on trailers and in garages. This may be your last chance to buy a 959 Sport, so scrape together your last fe million dollars and get to the auction house!


Ian Swan
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