Porsche and BMW 7-Speed Manual

The Rise Of The 7 Speed Manual Gearbox Is Nigh!

Updated September 4, 2018

Three on the tree is not for me

7 Speed Manual Transmission 1

Manuals were thought to be endangered. Every time I turned on the TV there was Sarah Mclachlan showing me pictures of manuals shivering and their leather boots all torn up and it would make me feel bad and somewhat guilty and then I would call and donate money. Well it worked, after years of rejection from the general public we are now seeing healthy manuals wanting to play and getting adopted by new owners. Now Porsche and BMW want you to start playing with your manuals even more with a new 7-speed. That’s right gear heads, you can now shift like you’re in an action movie where the driver always has a gear to downshift into.


7 Speed Manual Transmission 2

The 2014 M3 manual may be a little harder to understand

Porsche and BMW 7-Speed Manual gets electrocuted

It was just a few years ago when we started seeing 6-speed manuals trickling into the main stream but now it seems that we are adding one more gear so we can have more fun. The patent filed for the BMW 7-speed looks like these Bavarian brainiacs are not only adding the gear but also adding a shift by wire system that keeps you from accidentally shifting into the wrong gear. Now here is where it gets impressive. BMW is placing the shifter where you move it through an electro-magnetic sensitive fluid and as you shift up into the higher gears the fluid is electrically charged to where it becomes a solid therefore blocking you from accidentally downshifting from 5th to 2nd and what have you. So the blocked gears make sure that you (or your friend) don’t make a very costly mistake and blow the engine or destroy your clutch.

7 Speed Manual Transmission 3

I look forward to testing the Porsche and BMW 7-Speed Manual

So what is your take on a 7-speed manual? Are you all for it or you thinking that we are getting way too many gears to deal with. To me it seems like a great idea and I’m bet that not very many shifts into 7th are made. I really do love the manuals, I feel as though everyone needs to drive them because they are way too hard to drive and text people at the same time. Plus I love the ability to decide what gear to choose in the turn. Now I have downshifted from 5th to 2nd one time and I am surprised it didn’t do anything to the car because it most certainly went to the redline and then some. So I will be interested to tryout the BMW 7-speed.



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