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Porsche Picks Up Country Appeal With Truck?

There were skeptics about Porsche beginning to produce the Macan, a luxury compact crossover utility vehicle with a price tag within the average person’s budget. Naysayers complained it not only lacked the speed and agility of a typical Porsche but it was too . . . boring. Perhaps to their chagrin, the Macan is now the luxury car manufacturer’s best-selling product out of the Stuttgart factory. So, it seems we should hesitate to make judgements about this rendering of a potential Porsche pick-up from a top designer.


The problem doesn’t lie in this pickup truck’s appearance. Truthfully, it’s not a bad looking ride. It just doesn’t fit the public’s notion of a Porsche or even a pickup. With such a giant cab and short bed, it’s not the most functional truck for traveling back roads or hauling tools to the work site, either. This truck has a design geared for a driver needing to fit in two worlds  – one where occasional hauling needs can be met and another to take the whole family out on excursions. Seriously, if you slapped a cover on the back, this is a minivan with a Porsche badge.

While we don’t know what would be underneath the hood of this truck, it’s a safe guess that it wouldn’t be anything too mind-blowing. Using diesel is likely for its torque while the smart move for the engine could be the new 3.0-L V6 from the Panamera, putting out 300 horses. It does, however, have plenty of potential for decking out the interior – especially in that spacious cab – so Porsche may have the last laugh on us for laughing in the first place.



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