President trump on Harley

President Trump terms Harley-Davidson’s move to shift overseas as ‘a bad move’

Updated December 4, 2018

Earlier on Sunday, August 12th, President of the United States of America, Donald Trump launched a fresh attack against the iconic U.S. motorcycle maker Harley Davidson, by disparaging the motorcycle maker’s plan to shift some of its production unit abroad.

President Trump’s tweet also looked to be in support of consumers that have called for a boycott of Harley-Davidson.

Through a series of early morning tweets, President Donald Trump mentioned that individuals who chose to boycott Hayley-Davidson were a “great” development, He also additionally said that various other manufacturers would be moving their production unit in America.

In a bid to avoid tariffs, Harley has been making a lot of investments in production facilities overseas.

By announcing its plans of moving its European market production out of the U.S. due to retaliatory tariffs from the European Union back in June, the 115-year old iconic motorcycle manufacturer has found itself in a public relations turmoil.

As its U.S. sales have gradually declined due to a lack of millennial buyers, Harley has announced international plans which include making inroads in China and India.

Notably, in an interview with CNBC back in July, The CEO of Harley-Davidson, Matt Levatich went on to label Trump’s statements as “unfortunate attention” when asked about the tuff business decisions the company was forced to make.

Levatich also said that these decisions were not related to politics whatsoever. According to him, “We are not a political organization, whatever we have to deal with, we do it.  We have worked really hard to have an apolitical approach to our business and for our consumers, that are all over the world.”


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