Qoros Airs Cars Ahead of Geneva Auto Show

Published February 20, 2013

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As soon as Chinese New Year ended Qoros showed its latest range of cars via the internet, the brand will have its global brand launch at the Geneva Auto Show where it will air its latest products to the global media. Qoros are eager to point out that they are not a Chinese brand but a global brand with global intentions. Qoros will launch a compact sedan, the Qoros 3, as well as two future models which include a SUV and a wagon.

The Qoros 3 sedan is apparently already in early stages of production after two years of testing in hot and cold environments acround the world. The 3 sedan will see a Chinese launch in the second half of 2013 with European sales starting shortly afterwards with new cars coming every six months according to Qoros. Qoros claim that they can bring new cars to the market every six months owing to their own self developed modular vehicle platform, much like Volkswagens own MQB platform. The design theme is clean and simple inside and out with a minimum of buttons on the dashboard thanks to the integration of a large touch screen screen that acts as media player and navigation system.

Qoros will begin production in Changshu, a city just 100km from Shanghai in partnership with Chery. Initial production runs will be limited to 150,000 products per year.

The Qoros 3 Cross Hybrid concept will also be on show in Geneva with the addition of a hybrid drive technology, Qoros plan to use a three cylinder 1.2L turbo engine at the front of the car with an electric motor above the rear axle and a second electric motor, an ISG unit, mounted in the middle of the car between the petrol engine and the transmission which gives the vehicle AWD capacity.

Qoros will also air a wagon version of the Qoros 3, the wagon is apparently aimed at the European market due to the popularity of wagons in the European market. Engine range for the model havent yet been revealed as of yet but we suspect it will be along the same lines as the Qoros 3 sedan. No news on what drive trains will be available, but we presume that Qoros will launch with diesel and gasoline options for the European market.




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