Questionable $7800 Forged Dragon Wheels Being Sold By Rimsbook

These Dragon Rims Are A Matter Of Taste, Lets Just Say…

Updated November 17, 2018

At the risk of sounding a little judgmental, I’m not above spending money on wheels. For example, my Christmas present to myself was a set of RAYS Volk TE37. However, when it comes to meticulously detailed, over the top forged dragon rims, I draw the line. Rimsbook CEO, Richard Lv, has shown off some gaudy designs in the past but this takes the cake.

Dragon Rims - Rimsbook

With a MSRP listed at $7800, these wheels are only available in a 5 bolt layout but can come in different sizes. After an apparent booth shutdown at SEMA, the CEO has taken to Facebook to try to sell these. Apparently they aren’t moving at that price because they’re already discounted by $1000 in the 22″ size.

Rimsbook Dragon Wheels

I completely understand the price drop since there are very few people who would put them on their ride. In my mind, these aren’t even a purchase you make when you have more money than brains. I couldn’t even put these on my Dungeons and Dragons chariot for fear of a negative charisma point.

Crazy Rims

My opinion may be wrong and I would love to hear from people who would like to roll these. I will give credit where it’s due because I’m not a completely unfair person. These wheels are painstakingly detailed right down to the scales on the coiled dragons. This is an improvement over other products the company offers which seem rough or unfinished.

Weird Rims

Are you digging for your credit card right now or are you staying as far away as possible? Let us know in the comments below which way you’re leaning on these wheels. We’d love to hear any and all opinions on them and I’d personally like to see your best jokes.



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