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Quick and Cold – Ice Speed Records

Updated August 12, 2013

Quick and cold ice speed records have been a hot topic of conversation for a number of years. Over the years, all kind of vehicles have attempted the speed record on ice, many failing, but many succeeding at the same time. What this has led to has been a huge range of engineering modifications to vehicles to allow them to really perform on a slippery surface. Alongside this, it has drawn some of the best drivers to pilot the cars to the speeds that they need to hit.

It was early 2007 and the weapon of choice was to be a Bentley Continental GT. Of course, the standard tyres were simply not up to the job, so the team of mechanics fitted the Continental with some impressive Nokian Hakkapeliitta Sport Utility tyres. They are designed for the winter and use 5 studs to give the vehicle the maximum amount of grip possible. Alongside the tyres, other modifications including a roll cage, low temp fuel and of course, aerodynamic changes were made/added to the car to ensure that it handled exactly how it was meant to.

The destination was to be the Baltic Sea, which is situated near Oulu in Finland. The frozen sea was to be where Juha Kankkunen was to attempt the challenge. With 4 world rally championships under his belt, he was certainly one of the few people qualified enough for the job. Juha managed to smash the previous record, which was just 183.9mph. The team were able to calculate that Juha averaged 199.83mph in both directions. Alongside this, he managed to achieve a top speed of 205.67mph.

The fun was not going to stop there though. A new record attempt was held in 2011 and again, Krankkunen was to be the driver to take the bull by the horns. Using a slightly modified Bentley Continental Supersports he managed to hit an average speed of 205.67mph, which was a huge achievement. In fact, it was such as achievement that Bentley announced straight after their run that they would be releasing an edition of the car as a limited run.

It seems that Krankken and his team may have rocked the boat when it comes to Nokian tyres. After beating his own record with a different set of tyres, Nokian set about setting up another world record attempt. This time they decided to use their choice of car and driver. The car they would be using was to be an Audi RS6 with their very own test driver Kanne Laitinen.

They also decided that the venue would be the Gulf of Bothnia, in Finland. The Audi certainly managed to step up to the plate and achieved an impressive high speed of 206.05mph, just under half a mile an hour quicker than the previous record. Still a record is a record and it is now held by them. Of course it is only a matter of time before the two teams go all guns blazing again and a new record attempt is on the cards.

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