R34 GT-R Wagon Isn’t Your Typical Grocery Getter

This R34 Wagon Is Essentially A Station Wagon Rally Car!

Updated October 6, 2018

…But what is the market for a station wagon rally car?

This isn’t actually a GT-R. It’s a right-hand drive model from overseas called the Nissan Stagea. The owner was obviously dissatisfied with the performance of the humble wagon and decided to mash it with a legendary rally car to boost his ego and his horsepower.

R34 Wagon - gtr wagon 6 R34 Wagon - gtr wagon 3

So how do you built the R34 Wagon? He’s done a complete rebuild on the Stagea, mimicking the R34 GT-R from the paint right down to the wheels. Actually, the wheels came from an R34.  The Bride seats, MoMo steering wheel, exterior paint color, all of it is ripped directly from the books of the GT-R. And done quite well, I might add.

If you’re in the market for a new used custom performance rally-inspired station wagon in right-hand drive, you’re in luck! It’s listed on eBay right now with a Buy It Now price of $36,000 and only has 90,000 miles on the ticker. Sure, you could buy one of those other wagons that everyone else is puttering around in, but this one is special. No one else will ever park the same car beside you at Whole Foods.

R34 Wagon - gtr wagon R34 Wagon - gtr wagon 7 R34 Wagon - gtr wagon 5 R34 Wagon - gtr wagon 4 R34 Wagon - gtr wagn 7 R34 Wagon - gtr wagon 2



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