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Gearheads.orgWhen we were kids growing up, we always seemed to have video games around us. Whether it be the arcade that we would cut school to go to, or for those of us who were lucky enough to have a gaming system in our bedrooms. No matter how you look at it, there was a video game occupying our time, one way or another.

So that brings us to today, where the video game is no Gearheads.orglonger a simple means of blistering your thumbs with the combination of LEFT, RIGHT, LEFT, RIGHT, UP, DOWN, UP, DOWN, B, A, B, A, Start. (Who remembers that one? LOL!) And of course this being an automotive site, you know we’re going to take a few minutes to look into some of the hottest automotive, racing games that are either out, or coming out soon. Yes folks, this your Need For Speed Edition of Gearheads.

Now for all of you who played any racing game you could get your hands, will remember titles like Outrun circa 1987 (Throwback!!), then there was Sega Rally Championship circa 1994, which coincidentally came out the same year as Need For Speed 1. Now compared to today’s standards, the first Need For Speed is a game that looks substandard, and had very poor sound effects, but nevertheless we would spend hours trying to consistently come in first place of every race there was. But we fast forward almost 20 whole years later, and the Need For Series has become a veritable monster of a game. With it’s online game play, fabulous graphics, and high speed pursuits, this game has hooked hundreds of thousands of players world wide. As a matter of fact the newest installment of the NFS series is soon to be released this coming November. It’s called Need For Speed Rivals, and pretty much the game play is all about earning web points, winning races, and escaping the police traps that spring up all of the place. (Check the video clip.)







Gearheads.orgAnother big hit to come to gaming consoles is Grid 2. For those of you who know of the first Grid that came out, you know how big of a monster it was. Intense graphics, over the top game play, and online gaming that gave the NFS series a true run for its money. Grid is a hardcore racing game that allows players to walk the fine line between realism, and accessibility to how deep the game gets. A slew of automotive masterpieces, aka cars, that do nothing more than titillate the senses, boggle the mind, and keep you drooling throughout all of your gaming experiences. The developers over at Codemasters put in countless hours into making this game a solid competitor to any racing game that has been, or will be dropped into the gaming market. For the most part, the gaming world is inundated with various types of styles of games, but everyone knows that racing is where it is, and damn near where it all began. The racing game today, has been able to transport us to worlds that normally we would never be able to visit in our lifetime, or even in another lifetime for that matter. Between the the glass splintering graphics, the tire squealing sound effects, and the well traveled feel you get from visiting distant tracks placed all over the world. The racing game will always be the game that finds it’s way into the hands of every car enthusiast young, and old, yesterday, today, and tomorrow.      











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