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Radical Unveils RXC Turbo 500R In Geneva

The Radical RXC Turbo 500R Delivers Some Serious Power

Updated October 3, 2018

While there are many automakers who have claimed to make “racing cars for the road”, there is one British automaker who has come closest to laying claim.  Radical has been making borderline illegal track machines for the streets since the late 90s.

Unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show, the Radical RXC Turbo 500R has rightfully earned it nameplate of “radical”.  The RXC Turbo 500R is based on the company’s closed cockpit vehicle that came out a few years ago.

Radical RXC Turbo 500R 1

Powered by a Ford Ecoboost V6 engine, it is not the same one you would find in the typical Flex or Explorer.  This one features a pair of Garrett turbochargers and intercoolers, as well as hand-finished headers to deliver 600 horsepower and 465 ft-lbs of torque.

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Power is propelled to the rear wheels through a six-speed sequential gearbox with stopping power coming from 360 millimeter front brakes and 330 millimeter rear brakes that are fully adjustable for both antilock assist and front-rear balance.

The foundation of the Radical Turbo 500R is a carbon and tubular space frame that sits below carbon fiber bodywork.  Everything is suspended on a  double wishbone suspension with pushrods incorporating adjustable dampers.  The end result is the most powerful and fastest machinery that Radical has ever made.  This really says a lot coming from the company holding the Nurburgring lap time for street legal vehicles.  A title held for some time.

Radical RXC Turbo 500R 3

Not to leave any stone unturned, Italian coachbuilder Aznom was brought in to refit to the interior of the RXC Turbo 500R in carbon fiber, leather, and alcantara.  Also included is a matching luggage set.

Radical will make 21 examples of the RXC Turbo 500R.

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