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Rally with Subaru

Updated September 11, 2013

For many car enthusiasts, there is nothing more exciting than racing down the open road in a high-powered car. Subaru owners who love driving their cars and are thrilled by the prospect of racing may aspire to join the Subaru RallyCross Team USA. Rally driving is an exciting, fast-paced sport that allows drivers to show off their skills. The factory-backed Subaru team has won the Driver’s Title a total of six times, with David Higgins winning most recently in 2011. With the right training and Subaru parts, any racing enthusiast can become a winning RallyCross driver.

Becoming a Rally Driver

In order to become a rally driver, you’ll need to familiarize yourself with the rules and regulations of the sport. You can do so by studying in classes and by watching plenty of RallyCross events. You’ll also need to learn all about vehicle budget and race logistics. Aspiring drivers can start in Group Two, where they will take either a Production or Open Light course. Drivers will learn techniques such as left-foot braking, hand brake maneuvers and Scandinavian flicks.

Aspiring rally drivers can get to know this sport by volunteering to work at a RallyCross event. They can also follow Subaru’s new RallyCross team. Subaru announced the formation of the team, which includes Dave Mirra and Bucky Lasek, on May 4, 2012. The team is set to compete in the 2012 Global RallyCross Championship on July 14. Race enthusiasts can follow the action live and can pick up plenty of handy pointers from watching interviews with the winning drivers.

Picking the Perfect Rally Car



If you have your heart set on becoming a rally driver, you’ll need to have the perfect rally car. The Subaru WRX is widely considered one of the best rally cars in the world. Designed for rally racing, the WRX features a symmetrical all-wheel drive system and a heavy-duty boxer engine. The company has tested and developed this model in various rally driving contexts over the past decade.

The Subaru WRX can also be customized with performance parts and accessories. In order to drive in a rally, it’s necessary to meet certain engine horsepower requirements. For the Open Class, which the RallyCross Team USA runs in, drivers must have an engine with a 34mm intake restrictor or a turbocharger, limiting horsepower to 350 hp. Drivers who wish to compete in the PGT class must have engines fitted with 32mm intake restrictors, which limit horsepower to 220 to 275 hp.

Becoming a rally driver doesn’t have to be just a dream. Car enthusiasts who are willing to spend the time and money needed to buy a vehicle and take rally classes can compete in races. The openness of the rally community means that almost anyone can become a rally driver with the right education and vehicle. Outfit a vehicle with the best in performance Subaru parts and accessories, and you can be racing on the open road in no time at all.

For more information about rally driving with Subaru, contact Jeana Olchowy.



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