Range Rover Rolls Over in its Own Driveway (Video)

When you over-complicate something like parking, expect bad results

Updated June 19, 2017

It is a rare thing to find a video of a car accident that is genuinely impressive. Not impressive in the sheer amount of destruction, but impressive in that it records a tremendous amount of wreckage occurring within the area of one driveway in the suburbs. It would be impressive even if it was staged by a stunt driver (and also a lot safer).

Human error also played a large part in this accident. Given how serious the damage ultimately was, it is pretty fortunate that the Range Rover in the video came to rest on a lawn and not in someone’s living room.

This video, on top of being a cautionary tale about the dangers of reckless driving, is also a great example of performance offered from the last generation of Range Rover. If you look closely, you can see a small badge on the right side of the tailgate that says “supercharged.” That means this SUV has 510 horsepower at the wheels.

Who knew that an SUV could move that quickly in reverse? For a few glorious seconds, it was the fastest thing moving backwards on the road. Then it went downhill, quickly. It looks like the Rover jumped up a bit when it hit the curb. That moved the weight to the rear and caused a rollover.

As far as J-turns go, this wasn’t really too bad. If the SUV had never gone up onto the slanted driveway, it would been sketchy but salvageable. A high center of gravity is not ideal for doing stunts on pavement. Once the balance shifts, it’s over.

Another quick note about this video: it shows the dangers of speakers that aren’t properly secured. Speakers are big, heavy things. An enclosure can easily weigh over 60 pounds, and that goes a long way in an accident. If those speakers bounced forward the driver would not have walked away without serious injuries.

The important thing to take away from this video is that silly stunts can have very pricey consequences. I wonder if this person’s insurance company will see this..

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