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Reddit and Twitter Users Find Stolen Land Rover In Mere Hours

Recovery of Stolen Land Rover Shows the Power of Social Media

Of all the things that go missing in day to day life, few people expect their vehicle to be on that list. When his Land Rover went missing, Sebastiaan de With found himself in just that position. Barely a year after buying the hard to find SUV, it was stolen. In a desperate play for any sort of assistance, he reached out to Twitter and Reddit users.

In practically no time, there was a reply that gave a detailed description of a sighting. Being a relatively rare vehicle in the United States, the Defender 90 drew the attention of a Redditor named ableezus.

Ableezus seeing people “working on” the vehicle gives the hint that the thief’s intent is to strip it. Soon after, there were others looking for more information to assist in the find. Calls for plate numbers and other unique marks were coming in from users throughout the area. This led Sebastiaan to run down stickers and registration info as well as hardware that would stand out.

With all of the information and reported sightings, it was a Reddit user who ended up face to face with the Land Rover. He was able to give an exact address as well as calling the police to report the find and taking pictures. The user, named RealLycos, was able to stay with the vehicle and sent his number to Sebastiaan to call.

This last post had to be a big relief because there were finally eyes and good hands on the stolen Land Rover. He was finally able to get back to the SUV that he had barely owned for a year thanks to social media. Sebastiaan’s offer of ‘a bottle of whiskey or something’ is a generous gift for the two most helpful users.

With his Land Rover back, his life could finally get back on track but not before shop time. A flat bed truck took the SUV away for police investigation and repairs but it was Sebastiaan’s again. For all the human faults that comes from social media, in this case a great result came from online teamwork. Now Sebastiaan can get back to enjoying his great looking and uncommon vehicle in the real world.



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