Renault Buys Caterham Stake In Alpine As Anglo-French Deal Collapses

Updated September 13, 2014

The collaboration between Renault and Caterham effectively ended today with the French company acquiring Caterham’s remaining stake in Alpine. No need for those looking out for the Anglo-French collaboration, it won’t happen as Renault has emerged as the primary owner of the Alpine automobiles. The announcement terminates the 50-50 partnership that was signed between the two companies in November of 2012. What started as a promising partnership to build two sister sports cars from Caterham and Alpine will no longer be.


Due to the falling apart of the deal, the brands have announced that they will continue development of the model on their own, with Renault sticking to the plan of bringing the Alpine brand to the market in the year of 2016. The company has also said that the new design for Alpine is about 90% ready, and the interior design shall be completed within the summer of 2014. Alpine automobiles have a long history of great developments and success.


It appears as if the downfall of Alpine Motors was due to the non-embracement of the technological advances in automobiles. They were successful in rallies as well as motor sports which ensured that alpine motors received proper market exposure and encouragement. Unfortunately, they were unable to capitalize on their situation and instead made a mess of failure and putting the company at an all-time low. Now, with Renault at the wheel they hope to Rear their head and show the world they have arrived.




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