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The Renault DeZir Concept Hints At The Future Of The Company!

Updated October 21, 2018

Renault is planning for the future. They’ve begun by putting their best foot forward and introducing their concept car the DeZir. There are still rumblings whether or not the DeZir will ever find its way to production. Many on the inside of Renault are encouraging the production of the DeZir as a bold step for the future. But no one is holding their breath. Renault certainly touts the car as an indication of the future direction of design for their auto line. They’re introducing a new front end and grille identity. It is certainly a beautiful and sleek car inside and out. Which is important since in order to sell a car has to relate to the heart as well as the mind. It’s a two seater coupe with butterfly doors.

Renault DeZir 1

As with the trend in man of these sport concepts cars it’s fully electric. They want it to be practical and ecologically friendly but also fun to drive and an exciting experience. The body is made of Kevlar and it has a tubular steel frame making the DeZir is super light weight at only 1829lbs. Which makes little work for the mid mounted engine producing 148hp and managing a 0-60 in 5 seconds and a top speed of 112mph. Unlike many concept cars the DeZir is actually drivable.

Renault DeZir 2

The DeZir is a concept car. So right now tops speeds and horsepower are not really important. It’s the intent that is there for Renault. They are telling us that the DeZir is an indication as to the direction they are taking their future cars. And its good to see Renault moving with the future. They are a resilient car company that keeps motoring on. Renault has produced many cars that are considered eccentric by North American standards, and perhaps not the sexiest car in the world but they’ve consistently made a car that the French relied on. And now it seems that the Dezir is part of a definitive plan for Renault to design cars for what they refer to as the ‘cycle of life’. It’s all very French but the idea is to design a model of car that represents people in all stages of life. Falling in love, adventure and discovery, having a family, work, have fun and to gain wisdom. It’s all very deep and meaningful. Unlike most French movies. The DeZir is to represent falling in love. Although that’s going to be difficult to do if they don’t actually produce this car.

Renault DeZir 3

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