Rendering of McLaren P1 UTE as a Pickup Truck Makes Us Think about the Woking Company

Published August 26, 2016

Imagine a world in which McLaren P1 UTE is used as a pickup truck. We’re not sure if we’d like to live in a universe like that. Luckily, the pickup P1 is a piece of fiction that exists only in a rendering made by Yasid Oozeear.

Although even thinking about using a McLaren P1 UTE as a pickup truck is a sin, we must admit the rendering seems interesting. To be fair, the digital artist did a great job turning the twin-turbo 3.8-liter V8 monster into a utility vehicle.

Rendering of McLaren P1 UTE

Looking at the rendering made us think about recent additions to the McLaren family. This May, a few photos of the McLaren 688 High Sport leaked. They showed us how the fastest Woking machine is going to look like.

The development of the 688 HS does seem rash, having in mind that the production of 675 Longtail has started this year. On top of that, McLaren has already retired P1, which in our opinion, happened too quickly. Still, it seems the Woking-based company knows what they’re doing. Their good sales are the best proof. When they announced making 500 spider versions of 675 Longtail, the cars sold out in just two weeks.

Another business move worth applauding was abandoning the SUV production. Although McLaren did make nice money out of high-riding models, we feel it’s too early to start experimenting. McLaren got back to producing road cars in 2011, so it seems risky confusing the clients with SUV models.



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