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Retro Car Designs We Would Love to See Resurrected

Retro Car Design Needs To Make A Comeback!

Updated October 20, 2018

With all the success with the retro designs such as the Mustang, the Challenger and the Camaro one has to wonder what else could possibly be coming down the pipe. Those old designs captured our hearts and minds in a way that has left an indelible imprint not only on our nostalgia but really on history itself. Because the curious thing about all this retro business is that the younger generation often slobbering over these latest retro models weren’t alive when the predecessors of these models were released. And in many cases now, neither were their parents. That’s how powerful those designs are. So it can’t just be chalked up to nostalgia. There is something hypnotic and magnetic about those original designs.

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We seem rather distracted by the redesigned classics that are on the market now that we’ve somehow forgotten other cars that would be ideal to revisit. It’s one thing that this trend has ignited the imaginations of all of us, but the most exciting and interesting thing lately is seeing what upstart car designers around the world are doing with old ideas. Take for example the redesigned Barracuda by the Brazilian artist Rafael Reston. He did all the legwork for Chrysler on this one. He designed it as a 2+2 coupe and based it on the Chrysler 300 platform.

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Remember the Ferrari Dino? It’s the classic Ferrari style we’re very acquainted with. There’s no way of knowing what a retro style Ferrari would sell like, but if the concept styling’s of Ugur Sahin are any indication they would have little problem moving the car. Inspired by reports back in 2007 that Ferrari was considering re-approaching the Dino Shin went to work. He stayed true to the original design while giving the Dino fresh and modern dynamics.

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One of my personal favorites is the Volkswagen Karmann Ghia. This car was a classic and why Volkswagen has never brought it back is beyond me. They will say its because the market isn’t there for a two seater sports coupe and to that I say bullocks. Obviously retro works for Volkswagen, the Beetle is selling fine. And as cool as the BlueSport concept is, there are a few artists out there who have designed a much cooler looking car that any Volkswagen designer has when re-imagining the Karmann Ghia.

There’s always the Corvair as well. Another hot seller despite its problems. It would be a great car for Chevrolet to restore to add that much needed punch to their lineup. Ford still has classics like the Torino and the Thunderbird or even the GT40. Dodge has the Coronet and the Super Bee. Even Porsche and Volvo could get in on the action by re-inventing the original designs for their classic coupes.

retro porsche rendering - Retro Car Design

Some things are better left in the past, but recent resurgence in sales due to retro designs prove that certain car designs are not one of those things. And there are several other retro car designs we would love to see resurrected, but I’ll leave that for you to discuss in the comments section below.



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