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The 26th Annual Ride To Work Day Is Tomorrow (June 19)!

Ride To Work Day: are you ready?

It’s that time of year again: the Annual Ride To Work Day! If you were in need of a reason to ride your pride and joy to place of work and show off your motorcycle to your friends, then here’s one that fits the bill. This year, it’ll be the 26th iteration of the event – so spread the word, and make sure you and your buddies are all on two for June 19th 2017.

Ride To Work Card

Getting on your bike and taking part in the Ride To Work Day is more than just a laugh – it serves a real and important purpose. Back in the 90s the Aerostitch CEO, Andy Goldfine, was looking for a way to help highlight the plight of the motorcyclist and make riders more visible to other motorists and to the automotive and transport industry in general. So, he decided to form an informal event known as the Ride To Work Day. It was an unprecedented success. Fast forward to the year 2000, and Andy decided it was time to evolve his idea into something more: a 501c non-profit organization that actively promotes motorcycling and helps to promote awareness to the non-motorcycling population.

Ride To Work Day: Raising Awareness And Keeping Us Safe

Ride To Work Logo

And there’s more to the organization than a simple commute to work and back every year – they Ride To Work Day crew are also responsible for a load of other initiatives that benefit every motorcycle rider in the country – and the world – in many respects. No doubt you’ve heard of the Motorcyclist Advisory Council that helps the Federal Highway Administration make bike related decisions and offers much needed advice when issues arise? Or perhaps the pretty cool CurbNinja app that actively helps motorcyclists find adequate parking spaces? They’re behind that too. And of course, they’re definitely the driving (or riding) force behind the lane-splitting revolution that is currently gaining traction across the USA. As you can see, it’s a great cause, and one that you can support by simply riding to work.

But you can go a step further. Since Ride To Work is a proper, registered organization, you can support them by giving them your time or your money. Donations work in tiered brackets, and if you feel lie donating you can get yourself some cool merch, like stickers, shirts, and even skateboards. But you don’t have to open your wallet to help out. All you have to do is ride to work, and let other road users see you going about your normal business. You’re not a menace to society. You’re not a hooligan. You’re just an average person on their way to work, who just happens to be riding a motorcycle. Be nice, be courteous, and for god’s sake don’t conform to a stereotype by popping a wheelie or two…

Ride To Work Poster

The 26th Annual Ride To Work Day takes place tomorrow: Monday, June 19. Get your bike ready for work, and go show off your awesome motorcycle in the parking lot. And don’t forget to remind your friends, too.


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