Roewe E1 Electric Concept to be on show at the Beijing Auto Show

Published April 20, 2010

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The Beijing Auto Show is going to be quite interesting for Roewe, with it being ready to show off a facelift Roewe 750, a hybrid 750, and possibly the Roewe SUV and the Roewe 150 (or an MG2), and then on top of all that they plan to show off the below Roewe E1 electric concept car.

The E1?s specifications are as follows:

  • Weight = 1040kg
  • Range = 135km
  • Top speed = 120kph
  • 0-50kph = 5.5 seconds
  • 0-80kph = 10 seconds
  • 0-100kph = 16 seconds
  • Safety Standard = 4 star C-NCAP
  • Battery = Lithium Iron Phosphate 磷é¸é?é?çµæ± )
  • 47/28kw permasyn motor

By using a fast charging unit, the E1 concept will be able to charge 80% of its batteries within 30 minutes. The E1 was developed by SAIC automotive in Shanghai by themselves, which included the battery systems, the motor, and the electric power system (inc. air con, power steering etc).




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