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Roewe has new models up its sleeve?

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According to a China Daily news article, Roewe had by 2nd March 2007 received more than 4000 orders for the Roewe 750, which is priced between 230,000rmb and 276,000rmb. We at China Car Times know that to place an order for the Roewe you have to put down a mere 2000rmb deposit, and in May when the cars are ready, customers who put down the deposit will get the opportunity to test drive a Roewe. If the customer is unhappy then the 2000rmb is returned. How do we know this? Thats because China Car Times was within an inch of buying the Roewe 750. Why didnt we buy the 750? Well to be honest were a bit frightened that SAIC will completely overhaul the 750 at some point, perhaps a second generation 750, and leave us with essentially a nearly 10 year old car.

In other Roewe news, SAIC has said that the earlier report of Roewe exporting via Ssangyong in Korea is not true, Roewe believe that the current 750 is a car primarily designed for Chinese tastes, although Roewe did not rule out no exports in the future.

SAIC has also joined FAW in ruling out any plans to buy the ailing Chrysler from Daimler.



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