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Roewe is in a state, Nanjing MGTF about to go on the market – Part Two

In 2018 China Car Times was acquired by Autowise. This article originally appeared on

In part one of Roewe is in a state, Nanjing MGTF about to go on the market we showed you the Nanjing MGTF, but what we didnt show you were the comments that were left on the original Chinese language article about the Nanjing MGTF coupe at QQ.coms Auto Channel.

Commenter A:

Its looks so good, I cant put it into words!

Commenter B:

Thats just a Rover, Ive no interest.

Commenter C:

A classic photoshop, the first picture has Nanjing MG Logos, then they have all gone.

Commenter D:

Rotten Car

Commenter E:

I bet Nanjing MG wrote this as they are fighting with their backs to the river now, to give Nanjing MG workers some encouragement! Actually Nanjing MG products are becoming less and less in the market, also their quality levels are getting worse by the day. Do you want to rely on a MG vehicle? Thats basically impossible, everybody knows Ying Ge Er (an old Seat Ibiza design that Nanjing markets under the Soyat brand) Unique (panel van) Yue Jin, and the Fiat Palio – not a single one of them is a good vehicle, the quality is too low! The Nanjing brand in peoples hearts and minds is already too low. You can put it like this, if I was to buy a car, it wouldnt be a Nanjing made vehicle, because they dont guarentee the quality! At the same time If if I was to recommend a British vehicle, I would say SAICs quality is better. SAICs state of affairs are in much better shape than Nanjing MGs. SAIC can guarantee the quality of their vehicles, because Nanjings back is against the water, and they want to rely on MG, creating a layer upon layer of pressure that cant possibly result in reliable and steady quality from Nanjing.

The original Chinese article is here You can see the original Chinese comments here. Also Austin-Rover has put up more information about the article on their site, under the news section.



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