Rolls Royce Ghost Mysore Collection Is Only For Abu Dhabi And It’s Closest Thing To A Perfection You Will See

Updated March 2, 2015

Known for the creation of bespoke vehicles, British Rolls Royce once held the title of the producer of the best cars in the world. It is hard to argue with that even by today’s standards. The cars Rolls Royce produces are, quite possibly the ultimate in that what human hand and human mind can create, and with back up by BMW (who bought the company back in the nineties), Rolls Royce vehicles of today are as perfect as it gets. So, the unveiling of the new version of their car is always a big thing. The question is what did they do now to improve an already almost flawless car. The latest in a series of the ultimate luxury cruisers is a Rolls Royce Ghost Mysore Collection. Unveiled in Abu Dhabi (where else as that is their largest and most important market in the world), the car represents the ultimate in luxury and it’s creation is inspired by the words of Tipu Sultan – ‘The Tiger of Mysore‘ who said ‘In this world I would rather live two days like a tiger, than two hundred years like a sheep.’ And really, who are we to argue with that.


The Rolls Royce Ghost Mysore Collection is built only for the clients in Abu Dhabi. Three units will be produced and every one of them is embellished with the decorations and symbols that represent success and wealth. Interestingly, the word Mysore in Arabic “also refers to wealth and power”. The car is based on the Ghost Extended Wheelbase Series II edition and special decorations can be seen on every panel on it and in it.


The car is of course created by the Rolls Royce Bespoke division which added some really impressive additions to it in comparison with the “normal” Rolls Royce Ghost. First of all, the exterior is coated in an elegant two-tone blue and white color with peacock emblems handcrafted on the sides. Interior is of course the best in the car business. It is known that Rolls Royce uses leather only from cattle whose skin did not have any stretch marks or other wounds that would make the skin less than perfect. That is why the cattle whose skin is used for the Rolls Royce vehicles is raised on special farms located at high ground where, thanks to low temperatures, insects and many other pests cannot exists.


In this case, leather on the headrests is trimmed with a tiger emblem in honor to The Tiger of Mysore – Tipu Sultan. Tipu Sultan got the name after he allegedly killed a tiger with a small dagger after the tiger attacked him. Apart from that peacock feather symbols integrated throughout the car, the Rolls Royce Ghost Mysore Collection is finished with a wonderful luxurious wood trim and Mysore branded sill plates.


As the car is based on the Ghost Extended Version Series II, it is powered by an enormous 6,6 liter V12 twin turbocharged to produce 563 HP. The engine is created to provide ultimate refinement  and the level of vibrations produced by it are almost undetectable by human senses. The engine pushes the car that weighs almost 5.600 lbs and with eight speed transmission the Rolls Royce Ghost Mysore provides seamless performance and power reserves that will probably never be used to the full potential.



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