Romanian Ghe-O Motors Company Makes an Extreme Rescue Vehicle Prototype

Published July 9, 2016

According to the Romanian designer and the founder of Ghe-O Motors, Robert Opera, this rescue vehicle can tackle any disaster. He worked on the idea for the prototype for about three years, before the first rescue car saw the light of day. Named simply Rescue, this prototype seems capable of working under all kinds of difficult conditions. It seems Rescue wouldn’t have problems driving through heavy snow, flooded areas or even fire.

Extreme Rescue Vehicle Prototype 05

The rescue car weight about 3.2 tones and is large enough to seat up to eleven people. Such weight requires a powerful diesel engine and the one in Rescue is capable of producing such force that gives the car a maximum speed of over 100 mph.

Extreme Rescue Vehicle Prototype 07The vehicle comes with installed with a water pump and a 620L water tank for fighting fires. The best thing about this custom car is that it can be modified so it can handle all sorts of situations. For example, if you use pneumatic pillows, it will allow the Rescue to travel over ice and water. Similar case is with wheel tracks that can be placed at the rear end.

Romanian Ghe-O Motors Company Makes an Extreme Rescue Vehicle Prototype

According to the designer, Rescue is the only car in the world that can deal with any kind of disaster. This car is just a prototype and he expects to see more of them in the near future.

Extreme Rescue Vehicle Prototype 04

Extreme Rescue Vehicle Prototype 03

Extreme Rescue Vehicle Prototype 06

Extreme Rescue Vehicle Prototype 02

Extreme Rescue Vehicle Prototype 01



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