Russian Truck Tuner Running Contest to Win Awesome Toyota Tundra Conversion

Check Out This Toyota Tundra Tuner Competition From Devolro!

Updated October 3, 2018

Russian SUV tuner, Devolro is running an interesting contest to promote their company and latest creation, the Diablo giant Toyota Tundra.   The winner of the contest will receive a fully customized Toyota Tundra.

The Toyota Tundra which is difficult to obtain in Russia, is the focus of their current efforts.  However, it is what they do to the UAZ Patriot SUV that they are becoming known for.

Toyota Tundra Tuner 1

The UAZ Patriot, a mid-size SUV and pickup truck produced in Russia since 2005 is being modified by Devolro.  Enhancements include a new suspension which modestly lifts the vehicle, aggressive off-road wheels and tires, a massive front bumper and other exterior and interior modifications.

At their development centers in Russia and Florida, the team at Devolro does the same thing to Toyota’s largest pickup truck, the Toyota Tundra.  The result is a very aggressive and smart looking truck that looks like it can take on whatever it is served.

Toyota Tundra Tuner 2

It turns out that Devolro likes designing not only trucks, but t-shirts as well.  To generate publicity for their company and its products, they are making available 5,000 black or white custom t-shirts.  Each shirt is assigned a number that will be entered into a drawing for a fully-customized Devolro-themed Toyota Tundra.  The entire drawing process will be posted on their website.

With a fan-base throughout the World, Devolro will have a Devolro-themed Tundra in Russia for Russian and Confederation of Independent (CIS) winners and a Tundra in Miami for everywhere else.  For those winners who want the cash instead, there is that option as well.

Toyota Tundra Tuner 3

Toyota Tundra Tuner 4




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