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Rx-8 Gets Insane Cummins Engine Swap

Forget the LS1, this is where it’s at.

Published September 11, 2017

Cummins engines are so popular, people will stuff them in just about anything. Case in point: this Mazda Rx-8 fitted with a 6BT oil burner.

Comhghan Locke of Ireland bought the RX-8 with a blown engine. He wanted to do something different with the car – not just another LS1 swap. So, he decided to go all out and throw in a Cummins diesel engine sourced from a big rig.

Yeah, that’s different all right, and given what we know about rotary engines, the new swap is probably going to last him a lot longer than a new factory crate motor would’ve…

The RX-8 features a modified chassis to support the heavy Cummins and a BMW E36 steering rack. A gigantic turbo is mounted to the top of the engine and the cooling system has been moved to the rear of the car.

Locke decided to dub his mutant Mazda the RX-Hate. He plans on making the rear-wheel drive RX-8 into a career drift car.

Even if the monstrosity doesn’t win many events, it’s sure to draw a lot of attention.

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