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Salesman Crashes $95,000 Corvette Through Dealership

Call me old fashioned, but I don’t think a salesman is supposed to drive one of the vehicles on their lot through the windows of the dealership. However, despite this strong belief, it did in fact happen. It wasn’t just any old vehicle either, it was a Corvette Z06 worth over $95,000. Here’s what happened, according to Jalopnik. Apparently the vehicle, custom made and shipped to the dealership for a customer, was sitting on the showroom floor when a salesman, for some odd reason we’re not sure of, got behind the wheel. Then he reportedly thought he was going for the brake pedals and instead got the clutch.


So now, we’re left with these pictures of a $95,000 custom made Corvette through the windows of the dealership, which we assume took A LOT of damage as well. This salesman may not want to show his face for awhile.

jalopnik 1 jalopnik 2

jalopnik 4



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