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Santa Claus 3

Biker Santa Claus Chases Down And Catches Hit And Run Driver!

You Know You’re On The Naughty List When Santa Claus Chases You Down…

Watch as a motorcycle riding Santa Claus chases down a hit and run driver in a dramatic chase along Paris’s cobble stone streets. And before you ask, this is not a scene from movie. What we have here is a regular, every day good Samaritan going out of their way to look after his fellow human beings. And he’s also Santa Claus too, which always scores extra points at this time of the year. There’s nothing more festive than a rider dressed as Santa ripping around the streets on a motorcycle, but throw a bit of vigilante justice into the mix and the whole thing just gets a better.

Motorcycle Riding Santa Claus Chases Down Hit And Run Driver!

Santa Claus 2

It seems that this year’s holiday season has had a strange effect on Parisian road users – on one hand we’ve seen a hero rise, but on the other, we’re seen commit a pretty unnecessary crime. In the video, we join French motorcyclist Chris RS (AKA. / YouTubeur) who’s dressed up as Santa Claus for his ride around Paris. Whilst out and about, our heroic Pere Noël spied a Renault Clio driver hit a pedestrian trying to cross the road…who drives away rather than stop and deal with the situation.

Santa Claus 3

Fortunately, Santa noticed, and promptly kicked Rudolph into first, and pulled out in front of the Christmas ne’er-do-well to try and bring him to a stop. However, our villain had other plans and decided to race off into the safety of the hectic Parisian traffic. Santa did what any upstanding member of the public would do and raced off in hot pursuit. The Renault driver was pretty sneaky though, and Santa had to work hard to keep him in sight. Luckily, two motorcycle cops were nearby, and after a brief summary of what had transpired, they joined the hunt.

With the help of the police, Santa Claus was able to track down the hit and run driver, who was promptly dealt with by the law. As it happens, the woman that was hit only suffered very minor injuries – but that’s not the point. If you cause an incident on the roads, you don’t flee. It’s nice to see that there are good people out on the streets willing to go the extra mile to look after people’s best interests. Even the members of the public who helped the bike cop stand his motorcycle back up are worthy of a pat on the back. It’s nice to see that Christmas spirit is still alive and well in the 21st century. Well done Santa Claus. Well done indeed.


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