Sasha Lark’s Ducati Panigale Carbon!

This Is A Sensational Ducati Panigale Carbon Custom!

Updated August 14, 2018

The Ducati Panigale is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful sportsbikes out there, but this sensational 2014 899 from Sasha Lark is a cut above the rest. Not only is it blessed with a wealth of high performance aftermarket parts, it has also undergone some serious weight reducing surgery, thanks to a healthy dose of carbon fiber. We got in touch with the Australian oil rig worker to learn more about his ride.

Ducati Panigale Carbon Custom 1

Ducati Panigale Carbon Custom 2

Ducati Panigale Carbon Custom 3

Born and raised in Queensland, Australia, Sasha grew up thrashing dirt bikes around the trails (like all good Aussies do) but always dreamed of having a Ducati. After a few years of hard graft on the rigs, he finally had the cash to fulfil that ambition. He bought a Ducati 659 but quickly grew out of it and set his heart on something bigger and better. With either the Ducati 1199 Panigale or BMW S1000RR in mind, Sasha was eventually seduced by the power delivery of the 899 Panigale, and the deal was done. Because he spends half the year away for work, Sasha didn’t waste time getting his 899 modded up and prepped for the track, to be ready for his next shore leave. “Everyone kept telling me ‘you’ll void the warranty,’ but I’m happy I ignored that advice.” And with such a prestigious list of parts, we’re glad he did.

Sasha Lark’s Ducati Panigale Carbon Custom!

Ducati Panigale Carbon Custom 4

Ducati Panigale Carbon Custom 5

Ducati Panigale Carbon Custom 6

The full list of aftermarket parts would make for an exhausting read, so rather than weave the details into unintelligible text, we’ve decided to drop in a full spec list instead! Sasha’s mods include:

  • Ducati Alarm
  • Ducati Performance Comfort Seat
  • Evo Tech Tail Tidy
  • Ducati Performance LED Signals
  • C&C Clutch slave cylinder
  • DucaBike Triple Clamps
  • DucaBike Rear Sets
  • Front and Rear Sliders
  • EK3D chain
  • Lightweight Front and Rear Sprockets
  • MWR High Efficiency Air Filter
  • Bitubo Adjustable Steering Damper
  • Ducati Performance Bar End Sliders
  • Ducati Performance Clutch & Brake Reservoirs
  • C&C Frame Plugs
  • Cox Racing Radiator Guards
  • Magnesium Clutch Covers
  • DucaBike Clear Clutch Cover
  • Ohlins TTX GP Rear Shock
  • Ohlins NIX30 Fork Cartridges
  • DucaBike Flat-Rate Rear Shock Linkage Kit
  • Yoyodyne Slipper Clutch
  • Shorai Lithium Battery
  • R&G Engine Sliders
  • Ducati Performance Fuel Camp
  • Ducati Performance Oil Filler Cap
  • Pugi Hi-tech Grips
  • DucaBike EVO Pro 3 Levers
  • Moto Corsa Titanium Headers
  • Termignoni Slip-On Exhaust
  • Flashed ECU from Rexxer

Ducati Panigale Carbon Custom 7

Ducati Panigale Carbon Custom 8

Ducati Panigale Carbon Custom 9

Usually, that would be enough modification to satisfy even the most particular customizers, but Sasha didn’t stop there. While the list of mods is impressive, they’re nothing when you compare them with the weight reducing carbon fiber features that Sasha has added. “So far I’ve shredded 23kg! The bike weights 170kg wet!” And that enormous weight reduction is thanks to the brand new carbon engine covers, swing arm covers, mirrors, windscreen, dash instrumentation covers, the awesome RotoBox carbon fiber wheels, and the new carbon fiber monocoque subframe and tail section. Of course, there’s even more carbon fiber going on, and Sasha has also added some choice parts from FullSix Carbon, including a new rear shock guard, heel guards, a chain guard, new fenders, battery and wiring covers, and fluid reservoir brackets.

Ducati Panigale Carbon Custom 10

Ducati Panigale Carbon Custom 11

Ducati Panigale Carbon Custom 12

Despite having spent just under $35,000 AUS ($25,000 US) on this Ducati Panigale carbon custom, Sasha still isn’t finished. “My end game is to go full carbon. The carbon tank is on order at the moment, then the fairings will be next.” For some readers, the amount of money and effort may seem like overkill, but Sasha has already prepared a response for them: “I always get the ‘you could have bought the 1199R’ or ‘why didn’t you just get the 1199?’ And my answer is simple: I enjoy customizing, and I love having something unique. For me, it’s not about how much HP you’ve got and I’ve found that the 899 is more user friendly… If I ever feel that I’m riding the 899 to its full potential, then I’ll consider adding another bike to the stable, but don’t expect to see my 899 in the classifieds any time soon!”

Ducati Panigale Carbon Custom 13

Ducati Panigale Carbon Custom 14

Ducati Panigale Carbon Custom 15

It’s far too beautiful to sell Sasha, and we’re sure that many, many people will agree with that sentiment!


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