Scheffers Engineering GTS 1000 by Roel Scheffers

Published August 4, 2016

This unusual custom from Roel Scheffers is one of the most outlandish customs we’ve seen. It’s not a café racer, it’s not a scrambler, it’s not really anything – but it expertly takes influences from every direction and rolls them into something different altogether. This is what happens when take a passionate motorcyclist with an extensive background in agricultural mechanical engineering, and let him loose on a custom bike project. The GTS 1000 isn’t your usual platform for a custom project, but Roel has done a sterling job here.


The Dutch wizard has been crazy about bikes since he was eight years old, but after subsequently settling down in Norway, he’s managed to find some time for some serious custom building. The donor bike came in the form of a 1992 Yamaha GTS 1000 and here’s the finished article: a ferocious machine indeed.


Roel’s first ideas were simple: it had to be low, both wheels needed to be single side mounted, and it had to be finished in raw steel. And as you can see, he managed to tick all of those boxes. To achieve the “low” proportions, Roel had a lot of work to do on the frame. The highest point of the bike now stands at 82 cm, and this is thanks to a heavily modified RADD front end suspension system – which involved a lot of welding, a lot of milling and a lot of fabricating – and the springs from a Yamaha R6. At the rear, Roel modified a Honda VFR750 swing arm, mated to a Buell X1 shock, with a homemade linkage system, and a whole new custom sub-frame too. The wheels were also revised: the front is a widened version from the NSR150 SP, and the rear comes from the VFR750.


With the skeleton of the bike more or less finished, Roel then turned his attention to the tank and seat unit – which took three attempts to get right: one consigned to the scrap heap, one put to one side, and the version that now sits in pride of place right here.


To match the single sided wheels and the overall outlandish look of the frame, Roel decided to make something special for the tank and seat, however, he decided to avoid going for a sharp angled futuristic look, and toned it down with some beautifully executed curves that enhance the overall look. Roel’s engineering background is definitely on display here.


While the aesthetics are breathtaking, the engine is also a work of art in its own right. The GTS has the same engine of the FZR1000 of its day, and has been treated accordingly. The 1000cc engine comes with an open air intake and velocity stacks, with a handmade exhaust system, and IXIL mufflers. The carbs have been upgraded with a DynoJet Stage 3 jet kit, and it will undergo Dyno tuning in the near future too.


Finally, the GTS was adorned with a few nice touches, including the aluminum V-Rod headlight, some sporty rear sets, some other Harley bits and pieces, and some awesome upholstery from Marcel Miller in the Netherlands.


The bike is certainly unusual – but that’s why we like it.


Photo credits go to “Jasper, Kaylian, Mark, and or course, Mark Meisner Motografie.” First seen on Rocket Garage.



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