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ScienceofSpeed Acura NSX Front 3/4

ScienceOfSpeed Acura NSX from SEMA is One Sweet 610 HP Supercar

GT3-Inspired Supercar has Automatically Raising Nose for Clearing Speed Bumps

Published November 17, 2017

The revived, second-generation Acura NSX already packs a combined 573 horsepower thanks to its highly advanced engineering marvel of a 3.5L twin-turbo V6 engine that draws additional power from a pack of electric motors. Capable as it may be from the factory, stock performance can always be built upon. A feat that the crew at ScienceofSpeed in Chandler, Arizona faced head-on. And, since they specialize in Hondas – more precisely the S2000 and both generations of the NSX – they didn’t have too much trouble elevating this second-gen Acura NSX to a whole new level.

ScienceofSpeed Acura NSX Front 3/4

Surprisingly, they didn’t boost performance by a huge margin. ScienceofSpeed’s NSX delivers “only” 610 horsepower – 37 ponies more than the stock car. That, and 31 additional lb-ft of torque bringing the total to 507 lb-ft. Even more interesting is that they gained the extra power without tampering with the engine directly. The only performance upgrades are free-flowing high-performance downpipes and an exhaust. That, and liquid injection intercooling, which results in a denser charge.

ScienceofSpeed Acura NSX Rear 3/4

Despite only offering an incremental performance bump, ScienceofSpeed’s NSX does sport a revised suspension setup. Their in-house lowering kit helps the stock Acura lose an inch or so, but they also added some tricks to help the NSX navigate obstacles on the road.

You see, the NSX boasts iLift automatic sensing suspension technology which can easily detect on-road obstacles like speed bumps or difficult driveways. Not only do iLift sensors detect elevations, but they also automatically lift the car by 2 inches, effectively helping it overcome the aforementioned obstacles.

ScienceofSpeed Acura NSX Front 3/4 Parked

Maybe their Acura NSX doesn’t come with too many changes underneath, but it sure does offer some distinctive upgrades on the surface. Its GT3-inspired aerodynamic body kit consists of carbon fiber sport ducted rocker panels, front strakes, a rear diffuser, and a mid-height GT spoiler. Golden carbon-ceramic Brembo brakes lurk behind the Advan GT forged wheels wrapped in Pirelli tires. Finally, ScienceofSpeed has chosen Andaro Nouvelle blue paint with gloss black roof as the cherry on top of the sundae.

ScienceofSpeed Acura NSX Aerial Profile

The interior of any a sports car wouldn’t be complete without a set of racing seats. Recaro units mounted atop in-house sliding seat rails do wonders here. And so do custom black leather\fabric inserts with blue stitching upholstery and gaugeART’s multi-function OLED gauges. It’s evident that ScienceofSpeed has invested a lot of hours of labor and love into this meticulous Acura NSX. But, then again, they’ve done it so many times before they’ve probably lost count.

ScienceofSpeed Acura NSX Rear Quarter Profile

While some may be disappointed that the build isn’t crazy over-the-top or an all-out monster, we’d like to remind you that the second-gen NSX is by all accounts, sublime. It’s not broken, so they didn’t fix it. They simply made it that much better, and that’s enough for us.

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