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Scion C-HR Concept Is A Thing Of Beauty Destined For Our Cities


It seems Scion will use some of the Europe Toyota cars, re brand them and try to sell them here. They have done so with the Scion iM, which is basically a re branded Toyota Auris. Now, they went one step further. Revealing a C-HR concept at the Los Angeles Motor Show, Scion did in fact use a Toyota developed vehicle once again. A few weeks ago, Toyota did unveil their own C-HR, which, obviously, came to the US as a Scion car.


Nevertheless, the concept revealed here is a five door crossover destined to reach the market as early as next year. You may or may not be excited about it, but the small crossover is a must have for Scion. While we are still thinking about its impact on the market, Scion officials were actually talking something far more interesting.


“Scion is known for doing things differently, and maybe even being a little weird,” said Scion Vice President Andrew Gilleland. “This C-HR Concept embraces that idea and wears it like a badge of honor. We couldn’t be more excited to add the production version to our line-up.”


So, yes, they admit this thing is weird and we are not even crossed about it. It should be weird with all these concept like goodness sticking out of its every inch.


Although the C-HR (this apparently stands for Compact size and High Ride height) certainly is a nice looking machine we are quite certain it will not reach production in this exact form. The style is simply too flamboyant and the C-HR sacrifices a lot for the styling. That said, the rearward visibility is like on the Lambo Countach, although small, the car will be definitely hard to navigate through some congested traffic and we cannot even imagine having this on the market with the rear side windows as small as they are here.


The Scion did provide us with a rather long press statement about this, but the only concrete bit of info we got relates to the platform and architecture. TNGA or Toyota’s New Global Architecture is the backbone of the new car. The same stuff has been used for the creation of the new Toyota Prius, meaning the C-HR will be a smart car with lightweight construction, superb safety features, ingenious fuel saving measures integrated on the architecture and it will utilize the most advanced propulsion methods developed by Toyota. For now, we do not have any clue about any of that, but we do know the design of outward panels was inspired by the diamond shape, while the wheels measure almost incredible 21 inch in diameter. Yes, we have seen cars with much more inches of wheels, but this is a compact car, remember.


“The Scion C-HR will be a stand-out vehicle for us” said Gilleland. “Its styling will lead the way, but its substance will seal the deal. It’s got amazing driving dynamics, superb functionality, and, like all Scions, premium features at an accommodating price. There’s no doubt this will be the next iconic vehicle for Scion.”

All in all, the long awaited Scion crossover will hit the market in a fast fight against the likes of Mazda CX-3 and the Jeep Renegade. If something nice happens with the Nissan Gripz concept, we may see a wealth of audacious and courageous small crossovers teeming in the city center of any major city in the US. They look good, they are fuel efficient, cheap, well equipped with all these social network nonsense and every one of them is far more appealing and more fun than any other classic compact car or a B segment car.

The only thing we would like not to happen is for Scion C-HR Concept to lose all its supercool stuff before it comes to the market.


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